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VerticalApps has practical experience developing digital products using the Agile methodology and helping our customers transform from traditional Water Fall IT portfolios to dynamic Agile software factories.

Our belief is that the Agile methodology is a culture shift for organizations that have limited experience working in an Agile environment. The VerticalApps Agile culture is based on the following principles:

  • Disciplined coding practices that include useful documentation and integrated testing
  • Maximize transparency between the product development and product management teams
  • Always deliver value and limit work in progress
  • Communicate and collaborate on a daily basis
  • Focus on user needs when designing new functionality
  • Get high-quality software in the users hands frequently
  • Engage, take ownership and bring energy to the project

Whether you prefer Scrum, Kanban or Lean Agile implementations, the VerticalApps principles provide the path to successful digital solutions.


The VerticalApps DevOps methodology is focused on the automation of the software development pipeline. Test first, test often and when quality code is checked in, make sure it is scanned, compiled, deployed, tested again and accessible to Product Owners, Product Managers and Users within minutes. The automated pipeline supports repeatable processes and allows the development and engineering team members to focus on building a better product instead of troubleshooting infrastructure related issues.

Our DevOps culture is also grounded in the theory that the team responsible for development is also the team that supports the application in production. The speed to release bug fixes and improvements increases when the development team is directly involved in supporting the user community.


VerticalApps provides cloud engineering services to support the development, testing and production hosting of digital solutions. The industry’s top cloud providers are more than just a place to deploy virtual servers that need to be managed and maintained like physical machines. VerticalApps has helped customers leverage the power of cloud offerings by integrating service platforms with on-premise tools to deploy solutions that are scalable, elastic and less costly to maintain. VerticalApps has practical operational experience working within the cloud for U.S. Government customers helping solve challenges ranging from networking through security to develop and host intranet applications and publicly available applications used by more than one hundred thousand users around the world.

Leveraging cloud services is a critical component to successfully implementing Agile and DevOps practices for digital solution development.


VerticalApps offers comprehensive Analytics services, from data warehousing to analysis and reporting solutions. We believe that once empowered with current and accurate information, your organization will be most prepared to make the best time-sensitive or strategic decisions with confidence. VerticalApps will work in partnership with your business or agency to implement a robust Analytics solution capable of answering the questions you have today and the ones that are yet to surface. Our approach to developing a successful Analytics solution includes:

  • Define key business drivers, measures of success, business processes and metrics
  • Develop the system architecture to maximize speed and accessibility in the framework of your organization
  • Model data to optimize data retrieval and real-time analysis
  • Transformation and integration data from multiple sources, both internal and external
  • Select and implement the analysis and reporting tools that support key business drivers

project managment

Our team has over 45 years of experience managing IT projects in the commercial and federal sectors. We utilize a proactive and collaborative approach with our customers to manage scope, risk, and financial health to maximize the likelihood of successful delivery. We've learned from project success and failure and provide a practical approach using agile, waterfall, or blended methodologies.


We serve customers in the federal government, commercial, and non-profit sectors


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