We like to think of our team as everyday superheroes with the power to do great things. Read about our favorites and why.  We can’t wait to work with you!


Will Choi

CEO and Chief Helper

Dr. Strange

I like to examine current realities and imagine new ones.


Craig Schneider

VP Technology Programs


He has no superpowers aside from brute strength and intellect, and swoops in undetected in the dark of night.


Amar Sahasrabudhe

Dr. Quant

Dr. Manhattan

From a superhero with boundless power, we can learn to continually compete against ourselves.
This allows us to improve upon limitations & strengths without any hindrance.
Increasing our bounds requires cultivating both IQ and EQ.


Azariah Kidane

Robo-Infra Engineer

Dr. Strange and Wolverine

I appreciate their resiliency, Dr. Strange diving within for answers once his hands were damaged in his accident, and Wolverine’s tenacity to fight for what he believed in no matter who was against him.


Darin Levesque

Business Intelligence Wizard


He may be a tad unconventional, but the sarcasm keeps things interesting. However, when it is time to get to work, he is all business.


Elham Hamed

Data Visualizer


He has a great sense of humor, and is also very intelligent. No matter how much he has going on in his personal life, he always puts it aside to help others.


Justin Lea

IT Wizard


He is my favorite superhero because he is the world’s greatest detective. Data science feels like detective work in that one must set aside preconceived notions and investigate what the data say to draw the correct conclusions.


Kelly Queenan

Process and Recruiting ‘Queen’an


Strongest by the ocean. Recruits strength and durability to form a dominating team. Resilient to changing tides and documents best processes to have a winning outcome.


Nick DiValerio

Organizer of Mutual Agreements


The ability to use superhuman strength, self-healing and age-less powers, and built-in weaponry to rid the world of evil all while rocking an awesome set of sideburns!


Vanessa Williams

USACE PgM Veteran


She doesn't possess the traditional superhero powers, she possesses strength and endurance far beyond normal human capability. I believe these are key attributes for navigating life's experiences and circumstances.


Paul Grace

CFO aka Finance Guy

Silver Surfer

I could travel throughout the universe on a cool, cosmically powered surfboard!


Allison Chen

VP Operations and Culture Builder


Superhuman strength and the dictionary committed to memory. What more could you want?


Aneil Nayak

The Sultan of Scrum


We all need utility belts, containing different tools, in order to solve problems and provide optimal solutions


Connie Dowler

Jack of all Internal Operations


She can adapt to all situations while keeping her cool!


David Wilson

Professional Slack and Jira Monitor

Black Lightning

His character represents inclusiveness in TV & comics that was not always there. He is flawed, he gets angry, and he make mistakes, but he stays true to his values which is strengthening and protecting his community. I love that he is not your typical depiction of a superhero.


Jackson Towle

Wall-E Creator

Star Lord

When saving the universe, it's always best to bring along your friends. Also, always have a road trip playlist ready.


Kathy Lizarraga

Bot Process Agent

Optimus Prime

He is agile, organized, and fast. He transforms mundane tasks into auto bots. One process at a time.


Maddie Metcalfe

Visualization Vigilante

Scott Pilgrim

He is down to earth and a little awkward, but always get the job done.


Nikolas Cribb

Agent of Change

Luke Cage

He has a strong dedication to service, respect of the past and puts forth effort to create a better future.


Zach Pruckowski

Utility Infielder


Because he's the most adaptable and gets by on his wits & preparation.


Michael Grace

CTO and Chief Chaos Monkey

Green Arrow

You don’t need superpowers to be a superhero – just imagination and a willingness to grind!


Chris Young

Director of Automation Services aka Make It Work Guru

Professor X

He helps people explore and harness their unique and hidden talents.


Antonyous Fahim

20 Questions Extraordinaire


You do not need superpowers to be a superhero, just an innate desire to help people and make the world a better place. Although it never hurts to have some cool gadgets to use while you are doing that!


Dane Wertz

Master of Automation


He’s just a normal guy who uses the tools available to him to aid others, which is an admirable goal I think everyone should aspire to.


Deepica Singh

Workflow Visualizer

Wonder Woman

She’s personable and many relate to her. With a bit of help, she’s able to tackle all sorts of blockers and get things done, gracefully.


George McGowan

Fearless Risk Maestro

Captain Planet

One man can’t do everything, but by empowering a team you can accomplish anything.


Lilan Lou

Happiness Advocate

Transformer Bumblebee

He is always dedicated to his mission, even though he is the “little brother” of the Autobot family.


Maggie Rhodes

Captain of USACE Warrior’s

Spider Man

He's witty, sarcastic and loveable. Most importantly, Spidey never gives up no matter how hard or impossible something may seem.


Shuvo Ryhan

Cloud Cavalier


He is always curious and dedicated to the task.

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