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  • Agency-wide RPA Governance and Automation

    We are currently pioneering the use of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and UIPath at an agency to increase capacity for higher-value work and reduce manual labor hours. The agency needed to develop and deploy an enterprise-wide RPA business and data service to establish agency standards, develop governance practices, produce business planning templates, educate and train the organization, document business processes, and execute process automations.

    VerticalApps partnered with the agency to develop a governance model and Center of Excellence that scales across the organization. Our team developed standards, templates, and models for RPA requests, benefits analyses, prioritization decisions, and operational oversight. 

    VerticalApps worked with over 6 departments to document as-is and to-be processes, develop process automations using UiPath, and provided resources and information to train and re-skill government staff. We worked closely with the Office of Information Technology on implementation details and challenges for large-scale technical RPA deployments and bot management and maintenance.

    Impact Areas:

    • Agile Transformation

    • Data strategy

    • Data standards and governance

    • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

  • Agency Transformation and DevOps Services

    We led the transformation of a program at an agency from a traditional waterfall process to an Agile methodology. The agency needed to transition to an Agile methodology, implement DevOps processes and solutions on an AWS platform, ensure the technical infrastructure was maintained, and that cybersecurity requirements were met. VerticalApps architected the modernization approach and led the maintenance and operations of the public-facing web site which is used by more than 50,000 users across the country. 

    VerticalApps developed modernized microservices in AWS for the bulk processing of records and helped establish a web portal that is accessed by over 300,000 users that obtain benefits as part of their individual programs. Part of our effort included transforming the development process into a high-functioning agile program that increased production delivery from one annual release to four quarterly releases that increase the security and reliability of the entire platform much more quickly.

    Impact Areas:

    • Agile Transformation

    • Microservices

    • Cloud implementation

    • DevSecOps

    • Operations and Maintenance

  • Agency-wide Data Visualization Services Implementation and Support

    We are currently managing the end-to-end implementation and support of multiple data visualization products at an agency to provide self-service data visualization and analytics offerings. The agency needed to implement and maintain multiple technical environments, develop data visualization standards, establish governance protocols, support data connections and dashboards, provide service desk support and troubleshooting, and compliance of cybersecurity requirements.

    VerticalApps collaborated with the agency to develop a governance model and Community of Practice (CoP) in support of stakeholders worldwide. Our team developed standards, templates, and operational support policies and procedures for managing the technical environments, data visualization applications, and the service desk.

    VerticalApps worked across the agency to product expertise, technical services, training, and service management support to data visualization creators. Our team partnered with agency and data visualization vendors to implement, configure, and deploy the enterprise-wide implementation of visualization tools and we worked closely with the Office of the CIO organization on the technical and cybersecurity implementation and support of data visualization products.

    Impact Areas:

    • Cloud-based data warehousing

    • Business intelligence

    • Analytics

    • Software as a Service (SaaS) tools

    • Data management

    • Data integration

    • Cybersecurity

    • Operational reporting

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